Board of Directors

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Leading the organization – and the movement

Our elected Board of Directors develops a clear vision for the organization through policies that set goals and priorities. The Board provides stewardship for the organization; establishes appropriate and constructive working relationships with staff; and ensures the financial health of the organization through fiscal oversight and fundraising. 

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Penelope Halkiadakis

She/Her Penelope Halkiadakis

Board Vice Chair

Penelope Halkiadakis (she/her) is a dual degree MD/MPH candidate, studying…

Alexandra Durbak, Board Chair

She/Her Alexandra Durbak

Board Chair

Alexandra is a long-time member of Amnesty International, having first…

Phyllis Pautrat, LCSW

She/Her Phyl Pautrat


Phyllis Pautrat is a licensed clinical social worker who worked…

Christopher T. Foley

He/Him/His Christopher T. Foley


Christopher T. Foley, an enrolled citizen of the Cherokee Nation,…

David Cheng-Kai Yu

He/Him/His David Cheng-Kai Yu

Member at Large

David Yu is an advocate for human dignity, justice and…

She/Her Callie Moore

Deputy Secretary

Callie Moore (she/her) is a research software engineer at the…

Marcel Kitissou

Deputy Treasurer

Marcel Kitissou is Regional Scholar Affiliate with Cornell Institute for African…

She/Her/Hers Rasha Abdel Latif

Board Member

Rasha is a catalyst for change and is driven by…

Robyn Linde

She/Her/Hers Robyn Linde

Board Member

Robyn is a professor of political science and the director…

She/Her Ş. İlgü Özler

Board Member

Ş. İlgü Özler is a Professor of Political…

Karen Robinson

She/Her/Hers Karen Robinson

Board Member

Karen Robinson has over 35 years of experience in human…

Deirdre Stieglitz

Deirdre Stieglitz

Board Member

As a high school student in the 1980s I co-founded…

She/Her/Hers Sunita Viswanath

Board Member

Sunita Viswanath is the Executive Director of Hindus for…

Vibha Venkatesha

She/Her Vibha Venkatesha

Board Member

Vibha Venkatesha (she/her) was first introduced to Amnesty while living…