Ş. İlgü Özler

Board Member

Ş. İlgü Özler is a Professor of Political Science and International Relations at SUNY New Paltz. She is the founder and director of the SUNY Global Engagement Program in New York City. Her research focused on civic engagement as it relates to political parties, non-governmental organizations and social movements. She has conducted research in Turkey, Spain, Mexico and Chile. Her most recent work examines civil society participation, Sustainable Development Goals, human rights and global governance at the United Nations.

Her publications appeared in various academic journals including Sociological Perspectives, Ethics and International Affairs, Representation, Journal of Civil Society, Democratization, Latin American Perspectives, Global Environmental Politics, Mexican Studies, and Turkish Studies. Her teaching incorporates innovative experiential learning in courses related to the United Nations and global engagement through civil society organizations. She was a Fulbright scholar to Spain in Spring 2022 and a Charles E. Scheidt Faculty Fellow at the Institute for Genocide and Mass Atrocity Prevention during 2022-23.

Özler is the recipient of the 2018 SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Faculty Service. She has been an active member of the United Nations Association and Amnesty International in various capacities.  She served as an officer on the Board of Amnesty USA (2017-2020) focusing especially on global strategic planning and policy work.  Özler received her Ph.D. in Political Science from University of California, Los Angeles (2003).