Become a Volunteer Leader

Volunteer with Amnesty International USA & make a difference fighting to protect human rights for everyone

As a grassroots membership organization, Amnesty International USA is led by volunteers and members across the country. Individuals can take action online, join activist networks and groups, and serve as member leaders with specific responsibilities and specialities.

Some people want to volunteer to make a positive impact on the world. Others may be moved by personal experience or by a sense of moral responsibility to stand up for the rights of everyone. Volunteering can be an opportunity to learn more about important issues, to gain new skills, and to meet and connect with people who care about the same things. Our volunteers often talk about gaining a sense of purpose and fulfillment while doing critical work in making a positive difference in the world. 

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Volunteer Leadership Opportunities

People with diverse backgrounds and interests serve as volunteer leaders. We have several types of volunteer leadership positions focused on different issues and skills.

These are volunteers who support groups in their state to take impactful actions for human rights by collaborating with other activists and mobilizing their communities. Apply to be an area coordinator. 

These are volunteers with expertise in specific areas who work to develop and implement strategies to advance human rights. Apply to be a country & thematic specialist.

These are volunteers who work in states to advance our legislative priorities to protect human rights. Apply to be a legislative coordinator.

These are volunteers who organize and advocate at the state level to abolish the death penalty. Apply to be a state death penalty abolition coordinator.

Youth leaders provide student groups and activists with peer-to-peer coaching, training, resource-sharing, and engagement opportunities. Learn more about YLA roles.

The Youth Collective (YoCo) is a national volunteer youth leadership body that provides thought leadership, strategy, consultation, and guidance on our work, including implementing our Youth Strategy. Learn more about the youth collective.


As a Community Organizing Coordinator, you will lead a Task Force in your state on a specific human rights issue. You will coordinate work that takes place on that issue in the state, anywhere from a local to Federal level. This can look like recruiting others to the Task Force, planning events, facilitating trainings, and carrying out direct actions in your community! Connect with an organizer in your state to become a COC. Learn more and apply to be a community organizing coordinator.