Resources to help you have an impact

Whether you’re an activist looking for coalition partners, an advocate looking for congressional talking points, a student looking for reliable data, or a lawyer looking for reports you can cite in a brief, Amnesty International’s resources can help you fight for human rights.

Here, you’ll find a resource hub with toolkits, reports, education, training, and contacts.

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We produce toolkits on key issues to help people get more involved, and we produce guides to help people start campaigns or groups. For example, you can find out how to get your city council to pass a resolution welcoming refugees, or you can find out how to start an Amnesty International campus group. Learn more about our tools and guides.

We publish hundreds of independent reports a year that document human rights issues around the world and keep watch on people’s freedom. Our rigorous research is free of corporate and government influence, and our reports are cited by courts, legislators, teachers, and journalists. For example, we recently published a groundbreaking report on human rights abuses in Syria. Learn more and search our reports.

We produce educational material on human rights for people of all ages, and we produce training manuals and videos to help activists fight for human rights in their communities. For example, our online human rights education can help deepen your understanding of key issues and history. Learn more about our education and training resources.

Our volunteer leaders and staff are available to provide more information, referrals, and assistance on a range of topics. Learn more about how to get more information.