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Amnesty International USA Statement on Luis Kutner

Responding to the role of Luis Kutner in Amnesty International, who died in 1993 and may be linked to the murder of Fred Hampton, Amnesty International USA issued the following …

Attacks on journalists in Belarus mount amid protest crackdown

The Belarusian authorities must immediately end their assault on journalists, Amnesty International said today, amid reports of journalists being arrested, beaten, and targeted with rubber bullets while covering the vicious police …

Military and security forces in Lebanon attack unarmed protesters following explosions

Doctors who had attended the protests said they soon realized dozens of people required urgent medical care. They reported injuries and wounds on heads, faces, necks, arms, chests, backs, legs, and spleens. Doctors were also targeted with tear gas as they tried to treat injuries. Doctor Elie Saliba told Amnesty International that he was assaulted three times on August 8 while in Martyr’s Square: he was hit by a pump action pellet in the shoulder, then by a spray of pellets on the head and face, and then beaten by army officers.

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