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We work both at home and abroad to tackle the most pressing human rights violations.

Recent Press Releases & Reports

Iraq: Security forces deliberately attack peaceful protesters while internet is disabled

Peaceful protesters in southern Iraq and Baghdad fear authorities are deliberately disabling internet access before security forces attack and open fire on them, Amnesty International has learned. Trusted sources told the organization they believe internet access is being cut off to prevent them sharing footage and pictures of the excessive and unnecessary force used by …

Australia: EU countries must not repeat human rights failures of cruel Australian refugee policy

Australia’s notorious policy of detaining refugees and people seeking asylum in horrific offshore detention centres is in danger of being replicated by other countries, including some EU member states which are seeking to force people rescued at sea to disembark at locations outside Europe where they would be exposed to serious human rights violations, said …

Nicaragua: Government must end repression after three months of senseless slaughter

Three months after the government of President Daniel Ortega first unleashed its lethal strategy of repression on student demonstrators on 18 April, Erika Guevara-Rosas, Americas Director at Amnesty International, said: “Three months after the state repression began in Nicaragua, around 300 people have been killed – the vast majority of them by police or pro-government …


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