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We work both at home and abroad to tackle the most pressing human rights violations.

Recent Press Releases & Reports

Amnesty International USA Responds to Mass Shooting at an Indianapolis FedEx Warehouse

Amnesty International USA released the following statement from End Gun Violence Manager Ernest Coverson after reports emerged of a mass shooting at an Indianapolis FedEx warehouse, which is reported to have resulted in the death of at least eight people.

The COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act and NO HATE ACT are critical to ensure the justice system will address hate crimes

In advance of a vote in the Senate on the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act (S.937) and Jabara-Heyer NO HATE Act (S.2043), Joanne Lin, National Director of Advocacy and Government Affairs …

Biden Administration Upholds Trump Deal to Sell Weapons that Risk Injuring and Killing Civilians in Yemen

Responding to reports that the Biden administration plans to move forth on a Trump administration plan to sell weaponry worth approximately $23 billion to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Philippe …