Revoking Net Neutrality Violates Freedom of Expression

Today the Federal Communications Commission voted to remove the current regulations on network neutrality. Internet service providers (ISPs) can now restrict, block or give preferential access to different internet traffic, allow users access to only some online services for free, and give preferential treatment to certain traffic in return for payment.

Gulf crisis: Six months on, families still bearing brunt of Qatar political dispute

The lives of thousands of Gulf residents remain in turmoil as a consequence of the ongoing political dispute in the region, said Amnesty International, more than six months after the crisis began.

El Salvador: Failure to release woman jailed after miscarriage, outrageous step backward for justice

A court’s decision not to release a woman forced to spend a decade behind bars after having a miscarriage in El Salvador is an outrageous step backward for justice, Amnesty International said.

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