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We work both at home and abroad to tackle the most pressing human rights violations.

Recent Press Releases & Reports

Amnesty International USA Stands With Santa Clarita Community in School Shooting, Calls for Meaningful Gun Violence Prevention

Responding to reports of a school shooting today in California, Ernest Coverson, campaign manager for the End Gun Violence Campaign at Amnesty International USA said: “No child should ever go to school with the fear of never coming home again. The gun violence in this country is a human rights crisis, which our leaders continue to …

Decision to Re-Arrest Writer Ahmet Altan in Turkey a Scandalous Injustice

Following a court decision to re-arrest writer Ahmet Altan just a week after he was released from jail following more than three years in pre-trial detention, Amnesty International’s Europe Director, Marie Struthers said:

Categorizing Feminism, Atheism, Homosexuality as Crimes Exposes Saudi Arabia’s Dangerous Intolerance

Responding to an official announcement and a promotional video published by Saudi Arabia’s state security agency which categorizes feminism, homosexuality and atheism as ‘extremist ideas,’ Heba Morayef, Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa Director, said:

Human rights are under threat:


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