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Government sows fear among LGBTI people in Indonesia by boasting of Instagram user ‘removal’

Responding to Instagram’s statement that it did not remove an account featuring web comics about being gay in Indonesia, after Indonesia’s Ministry of Communication claimed that the company had done so at the government’s request, Amnesty International Indonesia’s Executive Director, Usman Hamid, said: “By falsely boasting of Instagram’s removal of a harmless account at their …

Arrest warrant against Rappler’s Maria Ressa shows authorities ‘railroading’ case in the Philippines

Responding to the arrest warrant served to Maria Ressa at the Rappler offices today on charges of ‘cyber libel’, Amnesty International Philippines Section Director, Butch Olano, said: “Just days after the National Bureau of Investigation announced that it will indict Maria Ressa for cyber libel, a warrant for her arrest was served today. Amnesty International …

Instagram ‘fails to be an ally’ to LGBTI people by shutting down account in Indonesia

Responding to the decision by Instagram to take down an account featuring comic strips about the life of a Muslim man, at the Indonesian government’s request, Amnesty International Indonesia’s Executive Director Usman Hamid said: “By complying with the government’s request to remove this account, Instagram has caved to the growing repression of LGBTI people in …

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