Callie Moore

Deputy Secretary

Callie Moore (she/her) is a research software engineer at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Ontario, where she researches the capacity of generative large language models to protect patient privacy with the Artificial Intelligence in Medicine team.

Callie has been an activist and member leader with AIUSA since 2014, starting as a member and coordinator for her high school student group. Since 2017, she has served as a rapporteur and chair for the Membership Resolutions Process in AIUSA, leading the organization’s grassroots governance processes and restructuring them to enable remote and hybrid participation. As a member of the National Youth Collective, she co-authored proposals to make AIUSA’s democratic processes more accessible and inclusive and co-authored the 2022-2025 AIUSA Youth Strategy. As a consultant for the AIUSA Governance Committee, she is restructuring and making recommendations for our decision-making processes to make them more accessible, transparent, and accountable. She is AIUSA’s 2024 Youth Delegate to the Americas Regional Forum and Global Assembly.

Callie graduated with High Honors from the University of Toronto in 2022, where she received her Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering Science with a concentration in Engineering Physics and with a minor in Political Science. At the University of Toronto, she was the recipient of the Centennial Senior Project Award for her thesis on political representation in the Canadian Parliament using advanced natural language processing techniques.