Activist Groups

Get involved as an activist with Amnesty International USA & make a difference fighting to protect human rights for everyone.


In hundreds of communities across the United States, Amnesty International activist groups come together to protect human rights.

There are many ways you can get involved with human rights in your own community. You can start or join an activist group, lead or join virtual activism online, host an event, and engage with human rights education inside and outside of the classroom.

Find an Activist Group

You can join an existing activist group to start taking action. There are different types of activist groups within our movement. Youth and Student Groups are organized by young people, usually from the same high school or college. Local Groups are organized by community members in the same town or broader community. 

In addition to activist groups, you can also join our Faith in Action Network where faith-based communities come together for human rights and a Virtual Action Network for people who want to organize online. 


Start an Activist Group

If you have a passion for human rights and are ready to make an impact – and there’s no existing groups in your school or community – you can take the lead and start a new activist group to grow our movement. 

We have tools, resources, and staff to help you bring together friends, family, colleagues and anyone you know to champion human rights.

If you’re not sure where to start and want mo

re support from our team in getting involved or starting a group, you can request more information and fill out the interest form. We’ll follow-up and help you figure out next steps.