Grassroots Activism

Take Action For Human Rights

Grassroots activism is when ordinary people take collective action to spark change. These kinds of activism efforts are undertaken at a global, local, or community level. The “bottom-up” approach of building power at the grassroots level can be especially effective at scale to protect and advocate for human rights.

We can – we must – open our eyes to suffering across the world, and work to stop it. Grassroots activism begins when a person or group of people identify a problem or an issue they want to address and come together to change norms, institutions, policies, or laws.

We all have the capacity to make a difference and take action in large ways and small to protect human rights. You can join our legislative team to urge policymakers to pass laws to protect human rights, join or start an activist group, or serve as a volunteer leader for your area, school, or country depending on your skills and interests.

Organize in Your State

Our organizing team works across several key states in the US. When you join a task force, you help build the people power we need to create a strong grassroots movement – and win.

Organize with Amnesty

Join An Activist Group

You can join one of the six hundred activist groups (and growing!) to start taking action with people in your school or community.

Activist Groups

Get Involved in Youth Activism

Young people are driving human rights work on their campuses and in their communities, while learning about global and domestic human rights issues. We have hundreds of youth and student groups across the country, as well as resources for educators and parents.

Youth Activism

Volunteer Leadership

People with different backgrounds and interests serve as volunteer leaders. We have several types of volunteer leadership positions available focused on many issues and skills.

Become a Volunteer Leader


Our volunteers work with our staff to lobby state and federal policymakers and provide them with research and information to enact policies on critical human rights issues.

Lobby With Us