Deirdre Stieglitz

Board Member

Deirdre Stieglitz

I’m proud to serve as Secretary of the Board for this 2022-2023 term.  I aim to improve communication and relationships among all the people involved in our important grassroots human rights movement.

As a high school student in the 1980s I co-founded a student Amnesty chapter when I learned that ordinary people have meaningful impact if we work together. I’ve lobbied congress, protested at embassies and consulates, marched, chanted, sung, and tabled at concerts, vigils, and demonstrations for individuals at risk, political prisoners, women’s rights, campaigned against gun violence, for ending war, oppression, and injustices around the world. I wept tears of pain when Georgia executed Troy Davis- his was the first death penalty case I worked on. I cried tears of joy when Teodora was freed in El Salvador after her murder conviction for her miscarriage.

These and all the individual at risk cases I’ve worked on keep me connected and moving forward with human rights activism. I am a past member of AIUSA Group 19 in Palo Alto, CA, I am a current member of AIUSA Group 11 in Manhattan, and I co-founded and currently lead a local chapter of AI in northern NJ: I dedicate most of my time outside of working and raising my children to improving human rights globally. I also love to travel, read, hike, and I’m obsessed with finding the perfect croissant.

Other Relevant Experience: I have worked in non-profit hospitals for over 20 years. I have a Master in Healthcare Administration from NYU, where I learned management of non-profit organizations, including governance, fundraising, duty of care required of boards of directors.