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Press Release

Australia: Appalling abuse, neglect of refugees on Nauru

About 1,200 men, women, and children who sought refuge in Australia and were forcibly transferred to the remote Pacific island nation of Nauru suffer severe abuse, inhumane treatment, and neglect,…

August 1, 2016


My Body, My Rights, My Call for Respect

To live, love, and make decisions free from coercion and threat of violence is a human right. Love is a decision that always means respect: for my body, for my…

February 14, 2016


50 Ways You Changed Lives in 2015

The list below is just a snapshot of some of the many success stories and bits of good news that you made happen in 2015. Thank you for all your…

December 30, 2015


Write for Rights: A Chance to Change Our World

People all around me began to realize the power of the pen. These students, just like me, were now attached to these cases at a personal level. They were not…

December 15, 2015