Urgent Action Victory! Security Measures For Defender Implemented (Mexico: UA 169.17)

In recent weeks authorities have implemented some security measures for Mario Luna, human rights defender and leader of the Indigenous Yaquí community in Sonora state, northern Mexico, following an incident on 27 June where assailants burned the car of the wife, Anahí Ochoa. During July and August Amnesty International and other organizations placed pressure on authorities to achieve advances in his protection measures.   

Mario Luna Romero and Victoria Anahí Ochoa Domínguez have suffered a series of attacks over the years, including his politically-motivated imprisonment, assault against family members and, most recently, an arson attack on Anahí Ochoa’s vehicle at their home on 27 June. For the first time, the government of Sonora state and the Guaymas municipal government have implemented some measures to protect Mario Luna and his colleagues in this context, who are all traditional Indigenous Yaquí authorities in the town of Vicam in Sonora state. For security reasons, it is not possible to disclose which protection measures have been taken and which ones remain outstanding.

Amnesty International will continue to work with Mario Luna, Anahí Ochoa and other Indigenous Yaquí leaders in order to ensure all the protection measures that have been committed to are implemented and the attack investigated. Any follow up actions will be shared on Amnesty International’s online platform on attacks against human rights defenders working on issues of territory, land and the environment in the Americas here: https://speakout4defenders.com/single/584601cade7ed16d3aba1878.

No further action is required of the UA network at this time. Many thanks to all who sent appeals.