Urgent Action Victory!: Online Activist Released Without Charge (South Sudan: UA 158.18)

Activist Ahmed Al-Dai Bushara Joudah was released without charge from Kober prison on 18 September. He had spent sixty-four days in detention.

Ahmed Al-Dai Bushara Joudah, a social media activist, was released without charge early in the morning on 18 September. He had been unlawfully arrested by six NISS agents from his house in Omdurman on 16 July. Initially he was held at the NISS detention centre in Khartoum North and then later transferred to Kober Prison.  

During his sixty-four days in detention, Ahmed Al-Dai Bushara was denied access to, medical treatment, a lawyer and family visits despite the consistent requests by his family.

It is believed that Ahmed Al-Dai’s arrest and detention could be as a result of his intensified social media activism since January 2018 in which he shared many videos on Facebook critical of the Sudan government’s economic policy. Through social media, he called on people to reject the new economic austerity measures imposed in January 2018 by the government leading to a rise in the cost of living in Sudan.

Thank you to all those who sent appeals. No further action is requested from the UA network.