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Urgent Action: ACTIVIST JAILED FOR 25 YEARS FOR ANTI-WAR VIEWS (UA: Russian Federation: 40.23)

April 21, 2023

Vladimir Kara-Murza is a prominent Russian political activist and journalist. He was arrested in April 2022 and prosecuted for his criticism of the Russian aggression against Ukraine and for his human rights activism. He was charged with “high treason”, “dissemination of false information about the Armed Forces” and “cooperation with an undesirable organization”. On 17 April, he was convicted and sentenced to 25 years in prison. Vladimir Kara-Murza has serious health problems — he was reportedly diagnosed with polyneuropathy of his both feet. Amnesty International considers Vladimir Kara-Murza a prisoner of conscience. He must be immediately and unconditionally released, and his conviction quashed.

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Krasnov Igor Viktorovich Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation ul. Bolshaya Dmitrovka, 15a, GSP-3, 1 – Moscow, 125993 Russian Federation Complaint form online

SAMPLE LETTER Dear Prosecutor General, I am writing to urge you to take all necessary steps to ensure the immediate release of prominent political activist and journalist, Vladimir Kara-Murza. On 17 April, he was convicted and sentenced to 25 years in prison for “high treason” (Article 275 of the Criminal Code), “disseminating knowingly false information about Russian Armed Forces” (Article 207.3(2)) and “participating in activities of an undesirable organization” (Article 284.1(1)). Vladimir Kara-Murza was arrested near his home in Moscow on 11 April 2022. He has been prosecuted solely for his peaceful political activism and for his criticism of the Russian authorities for the Russian aggression against Ukraine. No one should face restrictions, let alone long imprisonment, for exercising their human right to freedom of expression, which is guaranteed by both international law and the Russian Constitution. Vladimir Kara-Murza reportedly suffers from polyneuropathy of the lower extremities, a diagnosis that prevents serving a sentence under Russian law. His continued detention risks further deterioration of his health. In light of the above, I urge you to use your authority to ensure that Vladimir Kara-Murza’s conviction is quashed and that he is released immediately and unconditionally. Pending that, ensure that Vladimir Kara-Murza is held in conditions that meet international standards and provided the adequate medical treatment he may require equivalent to the standard of health care that is available to the public. [YOUR NAME] Sincerely, ADDITIONAL RESOURCES