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Urgent Action Update: Sentenced to One Year in Prison for Posting FB Video (Indonesia: UA 165.18)

January 30, 2019

Agustinus Yolemal, a Papuan pro-independence activist was convicted for inciting hatred and hostility and sentenced to 1 year’s imprisonment by the Timika District Court in Papua Province on 14 January 2019. He has decided not to file appeal as he is concerned about the safety of his family as well as the boy who was implicated in the video he posted on Facebook. Detained since September 2018, Agustinus Yolemal will serve another 8 months in prison.

We have received updated information regarding this case and require no further action from the Urgent Action Network. Thank you to all those who sent appeals. For more information about this case, please see the Word/PDF attachments below or email [email protected]. ADDITIONAL RESOURCES