Urgent Action: Torture Survivor Denied Covid-19 Support (Mexico: UA 101.20)

June 18, 2020

Adrian Vásquez Lagunes was diagnosed with COVID-19 on 16 June. He survived torture and 3 years unjust imprisonment in Tijuana (Northern Mexico). The authorities have failed to provide him with reparations mandated by the Baja California State Human Rights and Citizen Protection Ombudsman’s Office in 2015. We are demanding that authorities urgently ensure that Adrian Vásquez receives health and social security coverage, an emergency fund, and that his full reparation package is finalized.



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Jaime Bonilla Valdez
Governor of the state of Baja California
Edificio del Poder Ejecutivo, 3er. Piso
Calzada Independencia No. 994
Centro Cívico
Mexicali B.C. 21000
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +52 686 558 1000
Twitter: @Jaime_BonillaV
Ambassador Martha Bárcena Coqui
Embassy of Mexico
1911 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington DC 20006
Phone: 202 728 1600
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @Martha_Barcena
Facebook: @EmbamexEUA
Instagram: @embamexeua
Salutation: Dear Ambassador

Dear Governor,

I am deeply concerned to hear that Adrian Vásquez Lagunes was diagnosed with COVID-19 on 16 June. The torture he suffered at the hands of Baja California police in 2012 left him with chronic injuries in his ribs and lungs, which makes him at risk as a COVID-19 patient. The lack of reparation awarded by the government and his work as a public transport and uber driver place him and his family in a precarious economic situation to cover any medical and livelihood costs.

I call on you to urgently ensure immediate economic support and health care coverage for Adrián Vasquez and his family and ensure that his full reparation package is finalized without delay.

Yours sincerely,