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Urgent Action: Indigenous Community at Risk of Eviction (Paraguay: UA 89.19)

July 2, 2019

The Tekoha Sauce Indigenous community in Paraguay are, once again, at risk of eviction from their ancestral territory due to legal action being taken against them by the Itaipú Binational (Paraguay-Brazil) Hydroelectric Plant. Both international human rights standards and the Paraguayan Constitution protect Indigenous peoples from eviction from their ancestral territories without their free, prior and informed consent. Amnesty calls on the President of Paraguay to ensure that this Indigenous community is protected from forced eviction.

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Mario Abdo Benítez Presidencia de la República del Paraguay Palacio de Gobierno El Paraguayo Independiente entre O’leary y Ayolas Asunción, Paraguay Email: [email protected]
Ambassador Manuel María Cáceres Embassy of Paraguay 2209 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Washington DC 20008 Phone: 202 483 6960 I Fax: 202 234 4508 Email: [email protected] Contact Form: https://bit.ly/2UyW1em Facebook: @EmbajadadeParaguay Salutation: Dear Ambassador

Dear Mr. President, I am writing in relation to the risk of forced eviction faced by the Tekoha Sauce Indigenous community, as consequence of a lawsuit filed by the state-owned hydroelectric company “Itaipú Binacional” against the community’s leaders Cristóbal Martínez and Amada Martínez. The Tekoha Sauce community have the right to reside upon and make use of their ancestral territory and are protected from being removed or transferred from it without their free, prior and informed consent, as established in the Article 64 of the Paraguayan Constitution and Article 16 of the International Labor Organization Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Convention No. 169. Their eviction without obtaining their consent would constitute a violation of Paraguayan and international law. I urge you to ensure that the people from the Tekoha Sauce Indigenous community are protected from forced eviction and that their rights are respected. Yours sincerely, ADDITIONAL RESOURCES