Another US Arms Shipment to Bahrain

If there is substantial risk that the Bahraini government could use new US arms to violate human rights, then those shipments should never leave US shores.

May 18, 2012


A Prisoner Swap in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian authorities have launched a new wave of repression in the name of security, attacking political opponents, religious minorities and foreigners.

January 31, 2012


One of Guantanamo's Forgotten Prisoners

Shaker Aamer, a former UK resident of Saudi descent, has been held without charge at Guantanamo Bay for nearly 10 years. He was cleared for release in 2007 but is…

November 8, 2011


All Executions Are Wrong

The disturbing facts and drama surrounding Troy Davis’ case created a remarkable amount of attention. But all executions are wrong.

September 27, 2011


Saudi Women Gain Right to Vote, But Not Drive

Saudi Arabia has given women the right to vote for first time in next nationwide local elections. But how much will this move really bring the country towards gender equality?

September 26, 2011