Human Rights in the Middle East: Why US Voices Matter

What happens in DC impacts human rights around the world. Where there is silence, the status quo remains. But when concerned US citizens and residents speak up, elected officials notice.

January 25, 2012


US Weapons Against Egypt Protesters

Even as the Egyptian military continues its lethal attacks on protesters, the US government continues to supply the military regime with weapons.

January 23, 2012


The Year of Rebellion

It's been a year since one of the most impressive grassroots movements of our time began to sweep through the Middle East and North Africa. What has changed and what…

January 9, 2012


The Vote After The Revolt

Egyptians continue to head to the polls, even as the brutal crackdown by the military regime continues. Most recently, authorities raided the offices of 17 NGOs.

January 4, 2012


Broken Promises in Egypt

Egypt's military rulers have crushed the hopes of the Jan. 25 uprising, but the Egyptian people are proving more resilient than the generals imagined.

November 22, 2011