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Fight For Abortion Rights: Stay Informed

Staying informed about the facts about abortion is one of the most powerful ways to combat misinformation and abortion stigma.

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Fight for Abortion Rights: Organize on Campus

Every school environment is different, so we developed a guide to help you advocate for abortion rights on your campus.  Here are just a few ideas from the guide:

school students in Denmark put the spotlight on sexual and reproductive rights by publishing over 100 newspapers on human rights.
(Amnesty International)


Fight For Abortion Rights: Talk About Abortion

Talking about abortion can be challenging sometimes. Finding resources should be simple. We've developed three discussion guides for general conversations and for talking with your family and fellow students on…

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Fight for Abortion Rights: Get Involved

There are many ways to organize for abortion rights in your own community. Local activism is just as important as statewide or national activism! Here are a few bite-size ideas…

(Amnesty International)


Fight for Abortion Rights: Make a Call

Simple phone calls to elected officials are still an effective way to make change. Here are some phone call scripts to help make your voice heard.


Fight For Abortion Rights: Sign a Petition

With the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade in 2022, the Supreme Court destroyed decades of precedent to protect the human right to abortion. But you can advocate for everyone’s…

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Write for Rights

Write For Rights is Amnesty International’s largest annual letter writing campaign.


Fight For Abortion Rights

Abortion is a human right. Abortion is healthcare. Abortion is safe. Abortion should be simple. Every person has the right to decide for themselves whether or not to carry a…