• Press Release

Arizona One Step Closer to Constitutionally Protecting the Human Right to Abortion 

July 3, 2024

(Amnesty International USA)

In collaboration with the announcement from the Arizona for Abortion Access coalition, of which Amnesty International USA is a partner, that more than 800,000 signatures have been collected in support of the Arizona Abortion Access Act being on the ballot, Karla Gonzales Garcia, Gender, Sexuality and Identity Director with Amnesty International USA said: 

“Today marks an important and exciting turning point toward ensuring the human right to abortion for Arizonans. Thanks to the hundreds of thousands of Arizonans who signed petitions, we expect that the Arizona Abortion Access Act will be on the ballot in November. We are proud to be part of the campaign of diverse groups and individuals who have been working hard to protect abortion access in Arizona. The outpouring of support for bringing this ballot initiative to the people for a vote clearly shows that the human right to abortion is an important issue for Arizonans.  

“Abortion is a human right for all people, no matter who they are or where they live, and this fall Arizonans will have the opportunity to constitutionally protect that right. Since the fall of Roe v. Wade, we’re facing a human rights crisis in this country when it comes to abortion access. Too many people still cannot access healthcare, including abortions, they need. While the lasting solutions to ensure abortion access must be national in scope, much of the current work is in states including Arizona and others. 

“Pregnant people have the human right to make their own decision whether or not to carry a pregnancy to term without interference from politicians or courts. The work is not yet done.  

“Keep showing up for abortion rights whenever you can. We urge Arizonans to continue talking with their families, friends, and community members about how important this ballot initiative is, and to get out and vote yes in November. Together, we can – and we will – protect the human right to abortion in Arizona.” 


  • On July 27, the Arizona Secretary of State will officially announce if the Arizona Abortion Access Act will be on the ballot. The minimum number of valid signatures to get this initiative on the ballot is 383,923. According to Arizona for Abortion Access, in a show of support for abortion rights, more than 800,000 signatures have been collected.