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Congress’ Passage of Continuing Resolution Is a Critical First Step in Supporting Afghan Refugees

September 30, 2021

(Photo by Stefan Zaklin/Getty Images)
Today, Congress passed a continuing resolution that includes funding to support Afghans arriving to the United States and ensures that Afghans arriving on humanitarian parole have access to refugee resettlement benefits.

In response to this news, Paul O’Brien, Executive Director at Amnesty International USA said:

“Today’s passage of the continuing resolution is critical to ensure that Afghan refugees have the resources they need as communities, businesses and organizations across the country mobilize to welcome their new Afghan neighbors. The passage of this resolution and the Afghan refugee provisions will provide robust funding for refugee resettlement and authorization to allow Afghans with humanitarian parole access to refugee resettlement benefits.

“Though these provisions are a great first step, Congress’ work is not yet complete. Congress must pass an Afghan Adjustment Act to establish a roadmap to citizenship for Afghans and use all channels possible to press the Biden Administration to admit at least 200,000 refugees this fiscal year; designate Afghanistan for Temporary Protected Status; and use all diplomatic means to press Afghanistan’s neighbors to open their borders to Afghan refugees.

“Protecting Afghans must not come at the expense of Congress and the Biden Administration abandoning its legal and moral responsibility to other migrants at risk. In recent weeks, Haitians seeking safety were brutalized and forcibly removed back to Haiti. The Biden Administration must immediately end the Title 42 expulsions, halt all deportations to Haiti, and reestablish the right to seek asylum at the southern border.”

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