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President Biden’s Preferred Policy Option is Abandoning Afghans to Their Fates

August 24, 2021

Biden stands in front of United States flag
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Responding to President Biden’s remarks today, the executive director of Amnesty International USA, Paul O’Brien, released the following statement:

“In his speech, President Biden had a lot to say about the state of Afghanistan and U.S. government efforts. But by reiterating that he will end U.S. evacuation operations by the August 31st deadline, he communicated one message to those most at risk in Afghanistan: “This White House’s preferred policy option is to abandon you to your fates.”

“At this very moment, the Taliban is tracking and targeting people because of their beliefs, associations, or their identity, gender, religious affiliation, ethnic and language group.

“The U.S. government still has the opportunity to turn back and help save lives at risk. The U.S. government should continue to negotiate to proceed with evacuations for as long as necessary to evacuate all of the country’s most vulnerable.

“Human rights organizations in Afghanistan and around the world are making lists of Afghans in need of evacuation. The Taliban is doing the same but for an entirely different purpose. The Taliban has all the time in the world to act on their list. Why won’t President Joe Biden give us time to act on ours?

“President Biden committed to not passing along the war in Afghanistan to another President. He must commit to not passing along another humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.”

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