Fight for Abortion Rights: Organize on Campus

school students in Denmark put the spotlight on sexual and reproductive rights by publishing over 100 newspapers on human rights.
(Amnesty International)

Every school environment is different, so we developed a guide to help you advocate for abortion rights on your campus. 

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Back to School Abortion Advocacy Guide

This guide details event ideas and discussion tips to explain why fighting for abortion access is important. An appendix provides ways to organize in a hostile school environment.


Here are just a few ideas from the guide:

Tabling at club fairs and events is a great way to get the word out about your group.

You can also chalk on sidewalks, quads, or parking lots in popular areas at your school about abortion.

Here are some ideas for what to bring:

  • An email sign-up sheet or scannable QR code so you can send out group info Amnesty stickers, pens, brochures, and a banner to promote your group
  • Info about how to access abortion and other reproductive health care
  • Free condoms and lube

A movie night is a fun and educational way to gather as a group. This event can spark inspiring and thoughtful conversations about abortion rights. We suggest some documentaries that destigmatize abortion in the guide.

Host a letter-writing party in support of the Women’s Health Protection Act. WHPA supports abortion rights nationally, and Congress needs to hear from us now that we expect action! Write your U.S. senators using the contact page on their individual websites.

You can find your U.S. senators here.

Abortion is a human right coloring page
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2024 National Week of Student Action for abortion rights!

During National Week of Student Action (NWSA), AIUSA student groups organize and take action for human rights in creative, impactful actions all focused on the same topic.

This year, we came together to protect and defend abortion as a fundamental human right!

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More ways to get involved

Amnesty International USA created an abortion rights toolkit with several ways activists like you can get involved in the fight to protect the right to abortions.

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