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Stand Up Against The Holocaust Solve the Border Issue

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August 15, 2018

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The factors leading to holocausts are not a simple hysteria. There are very few people actively awake to how much closer to the Holocaust we came here at home as a result of this past election cycle.

This is a call to action in the United States to stand up against the border security’s indefinite detention policy for asylum seekers. Let’s do this right now. Organize today! Pick a time to march on your local government. We must be ever vigilant. The importance of getting up now is profound, the Holocaust did not happen overnight. Washington DC may not be paying attention to this issue, which is why the midterm elections must see the current administration outvoted. Whatever your political party or faction may be, this issue is important enough that we must not stand down. Overriding the Trump administration’s indifference to a border situation which leaves citizens guaranteed inalienable human rights by the United Nations is not acceptable to the legacy of this nation, nor is it a wise course of action to lower the standards we set globally for human rights away from those currently laid out in the United Nations charter on refugees and asylum seekers. All people are created equal. This ideal guiding the declaration of human rights is in grave danger, it is an outright violation of the UN treaty on human rights to be able to approach a border seeking asylum without threat of indefinite detention, we need to ensure a reasonably expeditious hearing for these families. This issue resonates personally with me, when I was growing up I had a very close friend from a South American nation whose life was saved by asylum in the US fleeing from ongoing factional violence which continues much the same to this day. Families fleeing gangs, traffickers, armed juntas and militias are often times
I stand against a world where the US standard on border asylum is carried out as it is now, with limited hearings and limited bilingual access to legal counsel. When a family fleeing militia or gang violence shows up on our border, they should not fear to enter a queue without a clear knowledge of when they may leave a refugee camp. This is a right laid down in the United Nations charter which we have to uphold to guarantee a the future for the entire world. When a person seeks asylum in a country claiming to uphold human rights, they do so without fear of travelling to our border. This is imperative. Please write your congressperson, organize rallies, continue the fan of action on this flame. We can provide a better world without fear.

The Holocaust did not happen overnight. The vigilance of the populace is what matters most of all. We are AWAKE! We may all stand together as a nation AGAINST the seemingly impossible. There is no true end to indefinite detention at our borders without a guarantee of a speedy and fair hearing, we need judges and legal personnel. We need to make a solution NOW with our voices. Please rally! Social media is a valuable asset. Organize this TODAY. #Border #AWAKE #wakeup #StandUpAgainstHolocaust

Kevin Daniel Elliott