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Peaceful Protesting is a Human Right

Date & Time
April 28, 2021 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm CDT

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The event will be hosted by leaders of the Amnesty groups in Cedar Rapids, Mike Wyrick; Iowa City, Zeina Aboushaar; and Ames, Mary Sand; as well as the Acting Area Coordinator for Iowa, Susan Mitchell.

Topics will include: Why protesting is an important right, criminal Justice reform, racism in the criminal justice system, how the media fits into the current atmosphere of racial tension in the United States and how the Iowa legislature in trying to tip the scales in 2021 as we are working through these difficult conversations.
It will feature four Speakers:

Andrea Sahouri, who was arrested, and eventually acquitted, for covering for covering BLM protests in Des Moines,

Angelina Ramirez, board member of Advocates for Social justice (BLM) in Cedar Rapids,

Justin Mazzola, Deputy Director of Research for Amnesty International in the area of Criminal Justice, and

Caleb Rainey, an award winning spoken word artist whose work often deals with racial justice issues.

The meeting is open to all.

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Meeting ID: 951 0981 4578