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Building a Longer Table: A Celebration of World Refugee Day

From: Wednesday 20th of June 2018
12:00 pm
Until: Wednesday 20th of June 2018
1:00 pm

West Conference Room at The Non Profit Center

89 South Street
Boston, MA 02111 United States



Amnesty International is a global movement of millions of people demanding human rights for all people – no matter who they are or where they are. We are the world’s largest grassroots human rights organization.

We live in a world where people have no option but to flee their homes and countries. They rely on the kindness of strangers to help them start again.

The world’s governments aren’t doing enough. Many are holding these refugees in unsafe camps on borders and refusing help to millions of others. The Trump administration has waged an attack on refugees and has slashed the number of refugees allowed into the United States.

But our voices have power.

In 2018 and 2019, we can build a movement of people uniting to welcome refugees in their own ways. Whether it’s by adding your voice to a petition, taking action locally, or something unique to you: We are the solution.

When intimidated by the state of the world, some people build a taller wall; we build a longer table.

In celebration of World Refugee Day, we’d like to invite you to our Longer Table Celebration in partnership with Boston’s NonProfit Center. This will be a lunch with an opportunity to engage in meaningful discussion about this issue, build and deepen our community, as well as to celebrate the lives and richness of it, finding ways to take action and continue the work.

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