Human Rights in Cameroon

Human Rights Concerns

A $3.7 billion oil project, sub-Saharan Africa's single largest private sector investment, involves a 650-mile pipeline that stretches from Chad to Cameroon. However, poor oversight and government instability are putting local communities and the environment in harms way. Our report Contracting Out of Human Rights highlights the potential dangers to human rights posed by investment agreements underpinning the pipeline project, as well as the need for a new approach to investment that ensures respect for human rights.

The country is cracking down on former government officials and heads of government-owned companies accused of corruption. But the government continues to muzzle critics of its policies, including journalists and human rights defenders.

The Cameroonian Penal Code criminalizes same-sex sexual relations. Amnesty International has documented the arrest and detention of several dozen young men and women, some of whom, have been sentenced to prison terms and fines for allegedly engaging in consensual same-sex sexual relations.