Defend Freedom

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Freedom from racism, discrimination and hate
Freedom to peacefully protest and dissent
Freedom from police violence and gun violence
Freedom from arbitrary arrest and detention
Freedom of the press to report the truth
Freedom from intimidation and guns at the polls


We’ve been defending freedom from dictators and bullies around the world for six decades—and we’re not about to stop now. Join Amnesty International USA’s Defend Freedom Campaign to demand that all levels of the U.S. government—including President Trump and his administration, Congress, governors, mayors, state legislators, city councils and law enforcement officers—respect, protect and fulfill human rights.

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Losing the peace: U.S. police failures to protect protesters from violence

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Coalition letters to Mayors and Governors on Right to Peaceful Assembly

Minneapolis State Troopers, backed up by a Bearcat tactical vehicle, disperse a rally against the murder of George Floyd, who was killed in police custody, in front of the Minneapolis Police Department Precinct 5, in Minneapolis, MN, on Saturday, May 30, 2020. Rage over the killing of Floyd, an unarmed black man, exploded in recent days in Minneapolis, causing widespread protests as well as looting and arson, leading to increasing unrest on Friday night. Credit: Victor J. Blue


Tear Gas: How it is abused & why you should care

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Policing Protests

Guidance for Law Enforcement

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Use of Force: Policing in the United States

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The World is Watching: Mass violations by U.S. police of Black Lives Matter protesters’ rights

Human Rights Framework


    The right to stay alive—to not be killed—is fundamental. It is the right that makes all of your other human rights possible.

    It is the utmost obligation of police to respect and preserve the right to stay alive. Lethal use of firearms may only be justified when it’s “strictly unavoidable in order to protect human life.”


    You have the right to a reasonable expectation of safety.

    You should not have to fear for your life when interacting with police—and we need robust laws that create an environment of accountability to make that possible.


    “At times, the police exercise higher levels of violence against certain groups of people, based on institutional racism or ethnic discrimination.”
    – United Nations officials

    You should not be treated differently by law enforcement because of the color of your skin. You have the right to equal treatment under the law—and that includes not having lethal force used against you.


    Deadly force should only be used as a last resort, and yet there are currently nine states that permit the use of lethal force in order to “suppress a riot”.

    Law enforcement’s role should be to facilitate peaceful protests, not to escalate tensions with the demonstration or exercise of force.

    If some protestors engage in violent actions, this does not turn the otherwise peaceful protest into a non-peaceful assembly. In such a situation, police should not use the violent acts of a few to restrict the rights of a majority.