2020 Human Rights Action Lab


Action Lab is a day-long workshop designed for AIUSA activists who are enthusiastic about growing their organizing and campaigning skills. Participants will join us ahead of the AGM on March 6th in San Diego, CA, and are part of an exciting network of human rights activists who are committed to becoming the next leaders of our organization. 

We’re looking for people who have a demonstrated commitment to our mission and are eager to enhance their skills in ways that will strengthen overall our member-led activism. Participants will have a track record of participating in 2019 signature AIUSA events, campaigns, and initiatives. These include, but aren’t limited to National Week of Student Action, Banned Books, September Climate Strike, ActivismX, Regional Conferences, Banner Drops, and Write for Rights. Participants are expected to have participated in at least one of these initiatives.

Having participated in at least one of these activities will prepare you for a workshop embedded in utilizing nonviolent direct action to elevate AIUSA’s ability to make transformational change. Participants will be ready to work with us on a number of key opportunities in 2020, including National Week of Student Action (students), state-based legislation to end gun violence, Write for Rights 2020, and other core actions related to AIUSA campaigns and programs.

If selected to attend Action Lab, you will be committing to take part in core AIUSA initiatives with your group throughout the year (including the upcoming 2020-2021 school year, if applicable). The goal is to strengthen your group by providing you with skills, knowledge and resources that you will bring back. These core initiatives will include 2020 Write for Rights, as well as key actions related to the End Gun Violence Campaign and Refugee Rights Campaign.


Ready to apply for Action Lab?

Complete the online application by January 21, 2020 11:59pm EST. If you have any questions, contact Sara Goldschmidt at [email protected]. Good luck!