Hadar Harris

Hadar Harris is an international human rights attorney who has worked for more than two decades on a broad range of human rights issues in more than 25 countries. She has specialized in issues of civil and political rights, gender equality, ending torture and genocide, and promoting domestic implementation of international norms. Over the past decade, she has focused a large part of her personal work on creating and growing the movement for human rights in the United States. In September 2017, Hadar will become the executive director of the Student Press Law Center (SPLC), the nation’s only legal assistance organization devoted exclusively to supporting student news media in their struggle to cover important issues free from censorship. SPLC promotes critical inquiry and exacting journalism by young people as an important part of encouraging civic engagement and robust civil society, and as a cornerstone to promoting the freedoms of expression and association. Most recently, Hadar served as the executive director of the Northern California Innocence Project, which works to exonerate the innocent and to reform the criminal justice system. She previously served for 13 years as the executive director of the Center for Human Rights & Humanitarian Law at American University Washington College of Law, Prior to that she was the director of Program and Resource Development for the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) and earlier, the executive director of the Congressional Human Rights Caucus. She is a graduate of Brown University and the UCLA School of Law.