Govind Acharya

General Secretary

Education: undergraduate work: University of California, San Diego; graduate work: San Francisco State University and Cornell University in Agricultural Economics.

Biography: Based in Davis, California just outside of Sacramento, Govind has been a volunteer with AIUSA for over 20 years, serving in a variety of capacities ranging from Student Area Coordinator in San Diego to Country Specialist and IS staff. He has served on numerous working groups aimed at strengthening AI’s policies worldwide. His graduate work was on developing linkages between mainstream economic theory and human rights, especially the right to food.

In addition to his human rights activism, he was a commissioner on the City of Ithaca’s Board of Public Works and chaired the City of Ithaca’s Planning and Development Board. While on these local government bodies, he has pushed to ensure that development is sustainable and available for all in our community.

He has a prolific social media presence, tweeting to the world from @gringostani.