We all want to live free from fear of gun violence. We all want our loved ones and communities to be safe.

This is a human rights crisis, and we must act together.


Amnesty International is offering a movement of combined research, government advocacy, public education and grassroots activism to work towards a world where everyone can live free of violence and fear.


Our research shows that four critical acts could make everyone safer:

  • Pass laws to prevent guns from being in the hands of those likely to misuse them;
  • Fund gun violence research to inform evidence-based policy solutions;
  • Invest in violence-prevention programs led by impacted communities;
  • Provide support, including mental and physical health care, for survivors of gun violence.




Hear from individuals directly impacted by gun violence:



We use our unique research and human rights framework to demand that leaders at the federal and state level pass laws to help prevent gun violence. Our top five advocacy priorities are:

  1. Passing universal background checks
  2. Passing the Assault Weapons Ban of 2019
  3. Passing the Disarm Hate Act
  4. Passing legislation to support the implementation of extreme risk laws
  5. Securing robust federal funding for gun violence research

We also use traditional international mechanisms—such as the United Nations and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights—to shine a global spotlight on our government and pressure them to protect people from gun violence.