Flag Photo Petition Ideas and Instructions

Flag Photo Petition Ideas and Instructions

1. Make a flag

  • Plan to create flags that can be made quickly at one of your meetings.
  • Include your name (optional), city, and state on the flag or on a separate placard.
  • Take a picture showing the whole flag and your upper torso.
  • Make sure that the message and city/state are visible.
  • Make sure that you have permission to use the photos you have taken.
  • Make sure that all participants have signed a photo release.

Flags can be made of plain fabric, such as muslin or a white cotton (available at fabric stores), or you could also use paper such as newsprint or white butcher paper or bulletin board paper.

Markers will work well on paper as well as fabric, and you can also find fabric markers in craft stores. People can also stretch their imaginations with felt and glitter/glue sticks.

Suggested Slogans for Flags:

  • Human Rights for Indonesia Now
  • Free Filep Now
  • Flying a Flag and Speaking Out For Filep
  • Free Speech is a Crime in Indonesia
  • Will I Be Arrested for Flying this Flag? Filep Was.

2. Add Your Photo to the Petition

Email us your photo and we will add it to the photo petition targeting Indonesian authorities. Only send one photo per email and as an attachment. In the subject line of your email, be sure to include your name, city, state following the format indicated below. For example:

[Your Name] tags: [Your City] [Your State]
Patrick Jones tags: New York New York


Send your photo to umoroz@aiusa.org.

Take the Freedom to Fly a Flag Photo Petition Further

Create a display with your flags. Link up local artists, schools and community groups to decorate flags and put them on exhibit.  Send your photo along with a letter-to-editor to your local/school newspaper to mark the anniversary of Filep's arrest (December 1) and/or conviction (May 26).