Kendrick Perkins

Youth Liaison to the Nomination Committee
San Antonio, TX

Why did you become an activist?

Being a Black man in the USA, racism and discrimination have directly impacted my experiences. From a very early age, I knew the injustices people like me experienced. Activism equipped me with the knowledge and tools to actively play a role in the fight for racial justice in my community. Through activism, I found my voice, and I will continue to use my voice to empower those who are silenced because of hate and discrimination.

What skills has Amnesty International provided you in fighting for human rights?

Amnesty International has been an integral component in my growth as an activist. As a AI volunteer leader, I’ve developed my skills as an organizer through actions and conferences, as a political advocate through lobbying and petitioning, and as an educator through actively teaching human right awareness to the next generation.

Why is it important now to continue to fight for human rights?

The fight for human rights must continue because if we choose not to do the good fight, who will? Through the sustained efforts of human rights defenders across the globe will we collectively bring about the change we want to see to on the local, state, national, and international level.