Your efforts are making a difference in Darfur

Amnesty International USA welcomes news of the passage of Security Council Resolution 1769 which, when implemented, will bring the goal of protection of civilians and displaced in Darfur within reach. The resolution, passed unanimously, sends a strong and clear message to the perpetrators of abuses in Darfur that the international community is united behind the people suffering in the region. The resolution provides for over 19,500 troops and 6,000 police to combine with the struggling African Union Mission in Sudan (AMIS). Most notably, the Government of China, which you have helped pressure over the past many months, supported 1769, and continues to take positive steps to use its close relationship with Khartoum to find an effective security arrangement for the people of Darfur.
To everyone who has taken the time to take action to help bring an end to this conflict, thank you. Your work and the work of individuals like you is making a difference for people in Darfur. There is clearly more that needs to be done, and we hope you’ll continue to work with us as we strive to end the violence threatening innocent civilians targeted in this conflict.
AIUSA continues to encourage actors to:
. implement the provisions of 1769 as soon as possible;
. sufficiently fund the AU and UN peacekeepers and humanitarian operations in Darfur and eastern Chad, and
. press the governments of Sudan and Chad and all armed groups in the region to allow unhindered access for desperately needed humanitarian operations.