Urgent Action Victory! Salvadoran Asylum Seeker Released (USA: UA 54.17)


"I want to thank Amnesty International activists like you for taking action on my behalf. I truly appreciate your support and your actions made a difference. Because of you, I can now get the medical care I need and be reunited with my family who I have not seen in over 15 months. Thank you.”

Salvadoran woman Sara Beltran Hernandez has been granted bond and released from detention.She had been held in a Texas detention centre for 15 months, despite having a claim to asylum and being in urgent need of medical attention.

On 2 March, an immigration judge granted Sara Beltran Hernandez bond, allowing for her release from a US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention centre in Dallas, northern Texas, where she had been held since arriving at the US-Mexico border on 4 November 2015. She is now permitted to live with her family in New York while her asylum claim is processed and seek treatment for a brain tumour. 

Sara Beltran Hernandez is claiming asylum in the US as she reports that a gang leader and gang members who are believed to have killed people in the past have sent her death threats in El Salvador. According to her affidavit in support of her asylum claim, Sara Beltran Hernandez suffered serious physical and psychological domestic violence, and was sexually abused. According to her lawyer, Sara Beltran Hernandez collapsed in the detention centre on 10 February 2017 and staff then took her to Huguley Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas. Since then, she reports suffering from convulsions and nosebleeds, head pain, trouble thinking clearly, and that she had still not received surgery. Under US law and international law, people coming to the US can seek asylum if they fear for their safety in their home country, and their human rights must be protected while their claims are being reviewed. 

No further network is required of the UA Network. Many thanks to all who sent appeals.


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