Urgent Action Victory! Detainee No Longer Held Incommunicado (Venezuela: UA 33/17)

Retired general Raúl Isaías Baduel, who has been detained in the Venezuelan military prison Ramo Verde since 12 January, has finally been allowed to meet with his lawyer and his family after being held incommunicado for a period of time, and has been brought before a relevant court of law.


Raúl Isaías Baduel has finally managed to establish contact with his lawyer and members of his family, after having been denied visits from them since 21 January. Several days later, on 26 January, his incommunicado detention was reported to the Attorney General’s Office and the Ombudsperson. Raúl Baduel had not been brought before a military court either, as the arrest warrant issued against him required.
In the week beginning 5 February, Raúl Isaías Baduel’s lawyer and family resumed contact with him. In addition, following international pressure, including from Amnesty International, the detainee was brought before a military appeals court, where he was transferred for a hearing of the new charges against him.
The retired general, former Defence Minister during the administration of President Hugo Chávez, is detained in the Ramo Verde National Military Detention Centre (Centro Nacional de Procesados Militares, CENAPROMIL) in Los Teques, near the capital Caracas. On 12 January, Raúl Isaías Baduel, who is openly critical of the current government, was arrested by Military Intelligence Directorate officials after his parole granted in 2015 was revoked. The terms of his parole required him to appear periodically before the court in place of the prison sentence which he had been serving for a previous conviction. 
On 1 March new charges were brought against Raúl Baduel, including “crimes against the integrity, sovereignty and liberty of the nation”. His right to due process must be respected and guaranteed throughout these new proceedings.
No further action is required from the Urgent Action Network. Many thanks to all who sent appeals.
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