Urgent Action Victory! Child Released From Administrative Detention (Israel/OPT: UA 101/16)

Abed al-Rahman Awad Kmail was released by the Israeli authorities from administrative detention on 2 October after nearly eight months in detention in Megiddo prison inside Israel. He had spent his 17th birthday in detention. 
Abed al-Rahman Awad Kmail was arrested from his home in Qabatia, Jenin, on 4 February, and given a six month administrative detention order on 11 February, which a judge reduced to four months on 16 February. However, he received an additional four month order when the first expired. He was released on 2 October after a military judge ruled that the order should not be renewed an additional time. 
According to the NGO Defence for Children International – Palestine (DCI), since October 2015, 19 Palestinian children have been issued with administrative detention orders. Of those, 12 have been released without charge. Two have been transferred to the courts and were charged. Of the remaining five, at least one has turned 18 while in detention, leaving four children still in administrative detention. 
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