Uganda: LGBT Human Rights Defenders, Oundo George and Klilza Brenda, released

On 17 September 2008, Oundo George and Kiiza Brenda, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) human rights defenders were released after a week in police detention at Nabweru Police Post. They were released on bond, after being charged for ‘involvement in indecent practices’.

Oundo George and Kiiza Brenda were prisoners of conscience arrested solely for their gender identity. Individuals detained by the Ugandan police for these reasons are at serious risk of ill-treatment. Consensual same-sex acts are illegal in Uganda and mistreatment during detention is common due to the homophobic attitudes of the Ugandan police.

In detention, both were denied food for the first three days, despite the fact that Oundo George is diabetic. Oundo George was also denied medical treatment for his diabetes, which left him unwell after his condition worsened. They only received food when family and friends were able to bring it to them.

The police sought information from Oundo George and Kiiza Brenda in order to identify other LGBT individuals. They were repeatedly beaten and mistreated whilst in detention. They were interrogated while being slapped and beaten with wooden batons, during which police demanded that they provide the names of, or further identify, other LGBT individuals.
Thank you to all who sent appeals.
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