Two Uighurs Released from Guantanamo

Amnesty International welcomed the transfer of two detainees out of Guantanamo. The two men, part of the group of Uighurs held at Guantanamo, were willingly resettled in El Salvador. They had been held for many years without charge. Amnesty International has long called for them, and all other Guantanamo detainees, to either be charged and fairly tried or released.

Amnesty activists, including student and local groups, have tirelessly advocated for the Uighur detainees for a decade. This past January 11, activists took to the streets around the world to protest the 10th anniversary of the detention facility. The Washington Post called the demonstration in Washington DC the largest since the detention facility opened.

Three Uighurs remain at Guantanamo, despite long being cleared for transfer. The US government should immediately release them to a country that will respect their human rights, to the US if necessary.

There are now 169 detainees held at Guantanamo, including 87 cleared for transfer by the US government.

Take action: call for Guantanamo detainee Shaker Aamer to be charged or released