Sudanese Student Activist Released!


Sudanese student activist Haidar Mahmoud Abderrahman Manis has been released, according to information obtained by Amnesty International on 23 April. He had been held in detention since 28 March.
Haidar Mahmoud Abderrahman Manis was arrested in the Setta Haj Youssef market in Khartoum North, on the outskirts of Sudan’s capital Khartoum. According to a witness, he was at the market with a friend when four men in civilian clothing arrested him and took him away in a car believed to belong to the National Security Services (NSS). 
Haidar Mahmoud Abderrahman Manis is from the town of El Fashir, in North Darfur. He is an activist within the Darfur University Students’ Association. He had allegedly given speeches on a number of campuses in the days preceding his arrest about the situation in Darfur, Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile. 
Amnesty International is not aware of any further details of Haidar Mahmoud Abderrahman Manis's release, or the conditions in which he was held during his detention.
Many thanks to all who sent appeals. No further action is required.