Protest Leader Freed in India

After being jailed for leading a seven-year campaign against the forcible land acquisition for a $12b steel plant, Abhay Sahoo was released on bail in early April.  h

He had been arrested in November 2011 on false charges intended to silence his determined opposition to the forced eviction of thousands of farmers in the eastern Indian state of Orissa. His criticism of forcible evictions to acquire land for the POSCO steel plant had landed him in jail for 10 months in 2008-9 as well. While charges against him have not yet been dropped and Amnesty International continues to monitor his case, his release is a positive step and a reason to celebrate. Many thanks to everyone who acted on his behalf. Be sure to call for the release of Narayan Reddy, another anti-POSCO protest leader who remains in jail on false charges.Protest