Prisoner of Conscience Treated by Doctor and Allowed to Meet with Family (UA 45/09)

Dia el Din Gad was transferred to al-Qota Prison in Giza, on the outskirts of the capital, Cairo, on 24 February, and was able to meet his family and lawyer there on 7 March. He is receiving treatment from the prison doctor. He is not know to have been charged with any offense, and is most probably held under an administrative detention order from the Minister of Interior, under the Emergency Law. Dia el Din Gad was interrogated about his blog, about his participation in protests in solidarity with the people of Gaza during Israel’s recent military campaign there, about Egyptians suspected of having entered Gaza during the conflict, and about whether he has any connections with Hamas. He was also questioned about his involvement with Egyptian protest movements, including the Egyptian Movement for Change, known as Kefaya (Enough), and the 6 April Youth movement.