Nigerian Torture Survivor Moses Akatugba Has Been Released!

Over the last year, activists like you have taken more than 800,000 actions in support of Moses Akatugba, who was imprisoned in Nigeria at 16 years old, tortured, and later sentenced to death on suspicion of armed robbery — a crime he says he didn’t commit.

For months, Amnesty International activists campaigned on Moses’s case, including writing letters, participating in demonstrations and sending online messages on Moses’s case as part of Amnesty International’s Stop Torture Campaign and 2014 Write for Rights action.

On May 28, 2015, Amnesty activists put renewed pressure on Emmanuel Uduaghan, the governor of Delta State, to free Moses before the governor’s term ended the following day. We learned that afternoon that Moses was granted a full pardon.

In addition to pardoning Moses, Governor Uduaghan also commuted the death sentences of three others.

Moses had been imprisoned for ten long years. Last year, he told Amnesty the following:

“The pain I went through in the hands of the officers was unimaginable. In my whole life, I have never been subjected to such inhuman treatment… I sincerely hope the authorities will listen to the voice of Amnesty International. I want Amnesty International to help save my life.”

On June 2, 2015, the release order arrived to Warri prison and it was quickly processed. Moses is now free!

After hearing the news of a total pardon, Moses shared the following quote with Amnesty International:

“I am overwhelmed. I thank Amnesty International and their activist for the great support that made me a conqueror in this situation. Amnesty International members and activist are my Heroes. I want to assure them, that this great effort they have show to me will not be in vain, by the special grace of God I will live up to their expectation. I Promise to be a Human Right Activist, to fight for others.”

Thank you to all the activists who took action. It’s truly only with the voices of activists like you that incredible victories like this can be achieved. We cannot wait to see what our collective power does next!