NGO workers released without charge

. Osman Al Magdum (m), 71 years old, Deputy Head of the Manasir
. Association Executive Committee (MAEC)
. Abdel Rahman Zaidan (m), Deputy Head of the MAEC
. Abdel Aatti Abdel Khair (m), member of the MAEC
. Hassan Sidiq Atolabi (m), Member of the MAEC
. Haitham Aldusogi (m), Member of the MAEC
. Ahmed Abdel Fatah Gabriel (m)

The men named above, most of whom are members of the Manasir Association Executive Committee, were released without charge in late May after reportedly being held incommunicado without charge in Kober prison in the capital, Khartoum. The men were at risk of torture and ill-treatment. The Manasir Association was formed by members of the Manasir ethnic community to campaign on behalf of community members threatened with displacement during and after construction of the Merowe High Dam in northern Sudan.
Many thanks to all those who sent appeals!