Great News! Sudanese Activist Released Without Charge

The six members of the student-led movement Girifna who were arrested on 25 January have been released from Kober prison in Khartoum, Sudan. Some of the relatives of the students have sent their thanks to Amnesty International activists for their efforts.

Amar Dirar, Nagi Musa, Gazi Eltayeb, Mohamed Mahjoub, Sharif Kamal and Omar Hamid were arrested by National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) agents on 25 January after taking part in a public forum organized by Girifna, otherwise known as the “we’re fed up movement”, in Omdurman, Sudan. The event was held to commemorate the 2005 Beja massacre at Port Sudan and to discuss the human rights situation in eastern Sudan.

On 29 January the six activists were transferred to Kober prison, where they were detained for almost two weeks without charge or access to lawyers or their families.

Mohamed Mahjoub, was released on 6 February and was reportedly subjected to torture and other ill-treatment while in detention. Amar Dirar, Nagi Musa, Gazi Eltayeb, Sharif Kamal and Omar Hamid were successively released on 8 and 9 February.

Girifna was established in October 2009 in the lead up to Sudan’s 2010 presidential and parliamentary elections, to campaign against President Omar al-Bashir and the ruling National Congress Party.