Great News! Striking Workers Released!


Mahmoud Farouk Aljundi, Ahmed Mohamed Talaat, Mohamed Issam Syam, Abu Al Yazid Abdul Atti and Hassan Ahmed Al Armouti were arrested by the military police on 7 March after participating in a strike at the Egyptian port city of Suez. They were among over 100 workers at the Sumid Petroleum Pipeline Factory who had decided to go on strike over their working conditions and lack of job security. The men were never charged with any offence.
The five men were reportedly beaten on one occasion and made to take their clothes off but have said that they were not beaten again during their time in custody and received medical treatment for their injuries.
They five men have not returned to work yet. They are concerned that they may face repercussions for their actions and ensuing detention. Amnesty International will continue to monitor their situation.