Great News! Prominent Malawian lawyer released on bail!

Prominent Malawian lawyer Ralph Kasambara was released on bail on 21 February. He had been arrested on charges of "kidnapping" and "unlawful wounding" following an incident which began when he was threatened at his office. He had been openly critical of the former President of Malawi, Bingu wa Mutharika, who died on 5 April.

Ralph Kasambara is a high profile lawyer and former Attorney General of Malawi who was openly critical of the previous President of Malawi. On 13 February, a group of five men alleged to be carrying a jerry can of petrol arrived at Ralph Kasambara’s office, asking people in the vicinity about his whereabouts. When Ralph Kasambara was alerted to the presence of the men he called in a security team of five men. Two of the people are reported to have fled when the security team arrived. The remaining three were overpowered by Ralph Kasambara’s security team, in the course of which it is alleged that they were assaulted.