Great News! Pro-Democracy Protester Released!


George Ramzi Nakhla was released on 25 March 2012. He reported that he was ill-treated by security forces while in detention and was not given adequate medical treatment. George Ramzi Nakhla, a member of “6 April Youth” movement, told Amnesty International that Central Security Forces (riot police) beat him during his arrest on 6 February in Mohamed Mahmoud Street, the road leading to the Ministry of the Interior. 
He was taken to the Ministry of Interior, and while on the way, he said riot police tied his arms and legs to the back of a riot police armored vehicle and slowly dragged him while security forces beat him with batons. At the Ministry of Interior, he said an officer beat him on his back, his eye and his head with a rifle and kicked and slapped him on the face. George Ramzi Nakhla, as well as 13 other men, was forced to sit down in a squat position for several hours. When he asked to be either released or interrogated he said he was further beaten and given electric shocks at the front and at the back of his leg. He also said that security forces constantly insulted him, mocked his involvement with the “25 January Revolution”, and made sexual gestures at him.