Great News! Mohammed Hasan al-Labwani Released

Mohammed Hasan al-Labwani, who was arrested on 18 August in al-Zabadani, near Damascus, has now been reunited with his family. He was charged by an investigating judge with “weakening national sentiment” (Article 285 of the Syrian Penal Code), “broadcasting false and exaggerated news which could affect the morale of the country” (Article 286) and a third charge related to participation in riots (Article 335). He is awaiting his next hearing, which is scheduled for 8 October 2011.

Amnesty International was informed that Mohammed Hasan al-Labwani’s interrogation focused particularly on his contacts with people believed to be pro-reform activists; a protest he had attended outside the Ministry of Interior; his participation in the funeral of a person who died during the uprisings; and allegations of insulting the armed forces during a public gathering.

Amnesty International was informed that although he was held in a very small room and only received bread with a little milk to eat, he received the medication that he requires for the pituitary tumour from which he suffers and is well given the circumstances.